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Solid Waste & Recycling

Public Hearing Notice - Proposition 218

XI-3-3 -Public Hearing Notice Prop 218-Property Owner and-or Tenants-Customer with rates.pdf2022.04.20 Prop 218 Public Hearing Notice Spanish (CW112953xDCB25).pdf
San Miguel Garbage

San Miguel Garbage - 805-467-9283

FINAL - San Miguel Garbage contract - Signed original 2021_08112020_011146.pdf

Garbage service is required in San Miguel, Please call 805-467-9283:

San Miguel CSD- Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance:

01-2022 SB 1383 Ordinance Clean Passed 4-28-2022-CW112235.pdf02-2020 CLEAN 2020.06.18 Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance 6-25-2020 (CW094284xDCB25).docx


SLO  County IWMA:


- National Drug Take-Back Day:

- Reusables in the Age of COVID: are they safe?

- Businesses: Save Money and Reduce Waste:


- Businesses: Save Money and Reduce Waste:

- Get a green curbside bin:

- Nut Butter Jars for Recycling:


- Reusables in the age of COVID:

- Nut Butter jar:

- National Drug Take-Back Day: